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TLC 2004
Wed, Aug 11 2004
Back from vacation (Jake)
Mood:  chillin'
I got back from Ohio last night. I went to the football hall of fame, some touristy island, Ceder Point (I went on all 13 major roller coasters, had the time of my life), and the rock and roll hall of fame. This is the best musium I've ever been to. The rock hall has affected all of northern Ohio. For backround music sometimes heard in theme parks, restaurants, ect. I heard good rock music instead the usual elevator music.
Again, I strongly recommend posting blogs in the TLC website. You need to creat an account to do so, and the option to is near the bottom left hand corner of this page. i'm getting lots of e-mails of ur own personal blog sites, just copy and paste ur most recent blog on to a blog here. It will be really cool when more ppl start posting blogs on our TLC message board

Posted by okjake40 at 4:25 PM EDT
Thu, Jul 29 2004

Mood:  surprised
i tried posting a comment to jake's "blog" but i don't think it worked, maybe he can forward it along or someone who knows more than me about computers can figure this stuff out. Anyways, good website, its awesome to see all the care and heart you got out of this summer. Send me a message whenever you can to keep in touch, and perhaps we will meet again at Capital Camps and Retreat Center.

Michael Aaron Neiman
(soon to have an addition page added for this past summer)

Posted by neim0003 at 1:39 AM EDT
Tue, Jul 27 2004
Hey Guys!
Mood:  irritated
Hey! I miss all of you guys. I seriously reccomend getting a tripod account. All the adds and offers that come up are annoying, but it's worth it if
everyone can have convrosations by message board,
cause sometimes aim screws up. It's kind of lonely
with most of my friends on vacation, but they'll come
back soon. I'm going on vacation in a week. And
how was the reunion at Karlee's house? I'll post
again later.

Posted by okjake40 at 8:02 PM EDT
Mon, Jul 26 2004
Pictures (Jon Katzur + Sam Smith)
Mood:  caffeinated
Hey everyone, I'm glad you have all found the amazingness now known as the TLC 2004 website. You can look around, hopefully there is some cool stuff. It includes a camper list, will soon include pictures and other stuff.
On the topic, if you guys have pictures, music, or video related to camp please wait until I am online (meterplech), and send them to me. I will put them on the download page if they are sounds and video. If they are pictures they will go in the album. Also, sounds can be used in the backround noise, and videos can have their own page. But if you have it please send it soon. Thanks!

Posted by meterplech at 10:33 PM EDT
Hello Everyone (Jon Katzur)
Mood:  vegas lucky
Hey everyone this is Jon Katzur and Sam Smith writing to you all from NY on lawng islend.
This is the weblog for our capital camps website.
You can write whatever you want we can talk about camp and other stuff, etc...

I think you might have to get an account to write, but if you do make your title include your name.

Posted by capitalcampstlc2004 at 3:46 PM EDT

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